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mbrepository mirror2:

For the ones having problem with Dx7:
Slawomir of Aaarrghh said:
I'm writting to you because we had some troubles with your textures in directx7. Fortunately I was able to fix it. If you still have this problem in your own mod, then open the brfs with OpenBrf and check flags for each texture. Try settng flags to "0" or "AA000", at least for diffuse textures.
or simply download this file:
and place the folder inside the rar file into
"...\Mount&Blade Warband\Modules\Ottoman1453Alpha"
and when asked if you want to replace the folder, say yes.

The capital was all that was left from the mighty Christian Roman Empire and its presence, in the midst of the dominions of the powerful new rulers of the lands of Roman Empire, was pregnant with danger. In the 1,123 years of the existence of the Byzantine Empire, Constantinople had been besieged many times but had been captured only once, during the Fourth Crusade in 1204. When, at the age of twenty-one, Mehmed II sat on the throne of the Ottoman Sultans his first thoughts turned to Constantinople. To give the final blow on the half-dead body of the Byzantine Empire he had to move fast. Sultan Mehmed gathered an army force of 80,000 men and besieged the city which held for 53 days. On the 29th of May, after days of bombardment, one final order was given to attack the walls...

This mod will take you 558 years back to the time of the great siege. Choose your side as either a pawn of the Grand Turco, or as a last defender of the once almighty Eastern Roman Empire and decide the fate of the Byzantine Capital.

The first playable Alpha version is out, and the server is running everybody is welcome to join.

Server name: Ottoman 1453 Alpha

Recommended graphic settings:
-Close HDR
-dont play in directx7, bugged texture problems
-Tick 'Load Textures on Demand' in the launcher configure section.
-You can lower everything on video settings except dx7(you cannot see proper textures)
(also dont forget to raise the volume of music too!)

Current Features:
  • Historical recreations of Byzantine and Ottoman factions, with lots of new equipment
  • An accurate siege map of Byzantine walls with lots of details and ways to conquer
  • A new siege type which you have to conquer and hold more than one flag to succeed
  • Lots of new weapons
  • Lots of new armors
  • New script enhancements(such as drowning below water level etc.)
  • new music, sounds
  • new animations
  • and many other things...

Mod Team:
-Artizan(Primary modeller, coder, and everything else)
-Nemeruis(Emre Kocasu)(additional models, scene maker,sound editing)
-Caliph(additional models, additional scripting)

















Notes: This mod is a sequel to the old Ottoman-Byzantine mod and the multiplayer version of never-released Walls of Constantinople mod, which I have been working almost as early as 2007, I am very glad to finally release a playable version.(which will be improved a lot in future versions)

Original Thread(in Turkish):,135954.0.html

  • KursadAltug
  • Neo7
  • Dreadshadow
  • M.Arda
  • WTF Clan
  • Narf(OSP)
  • Njunja(OSP)
  • dejawolf(OSP)
  • Somebody(help with coding)
  • Shredzorz(OSP)
  • Yoshiboy(help with coding)
  • Rath0s(for vikingr OSP)
  • Gluck(osp models)
  • NaglFaar(drowning code)
  • ntb_15(house models)
  • GetAssista(help with coding)
  • Swyter(help with coding)
  • Lumos(help with coding)
  • Aqtai(providing references and resources)
  • ibanez
and many others...


Sergeant Knight
Looks awesome :smile:

Ill see if i can organize some of my guys from the 23rd to come along and play as janissaries.


But... The city / fort in the first screen looks bad cause of the increased brightness, maybe lowering it and giving it a little better texturing will make it look how it should. Or is it just a teaser for now?
Anyway, looking forward on playing it.


More screenshots, this time Byzantine units :mrgreen:





Akita said:
But... The city / fort in the first screen looks bad cause of the increased brightness, maybe lowering it and giving it a little better texturing will make it look how it should. Or is it just a teaser for now?
It is just a teaser, that scene will be remade with better lighting.


Sergeant Knight
Alright then, if its depending on how many slots are open im going to reserve 12 slots on the Ottoman side as Janissaries.

Special info:

Group Name: Currently 23rd Royal Welsh Rifles (Changing to the 41st Welch Regiment of Foot today)

Contact: OR: Add LtSpearing on steam

Specific Information: Likely to muster around 8-15 guys for the event as ranged troops. If we have an overflow we are more than likely to pour the rest into an infantry detachment for the ottomans.

Commander/s: Spearing, Ej777

Looking forward to the event fellas!
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