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@Kham: I downloaded the last ReShade release,  then ComradeRashka's Preset.

Night it's actually quite playable, I just had to increase gamma to max. It's playable, but too gloomy in dialogue scenes. I just use a shortkey who enable/disable ReShade when I have too. Try it, it's good.

@Mandible: You have to disable ingame HDR if you want to use ReShade, I did it and it's much better now.

@InVain: Yes, I know Edoras is vanilla TLD but it looks so good! About the Black Walls I don't know, I just extracted the files from your submod, and nothing more. Maybe because I installed the Texture Pack assets?

Even the World Map is awesome with ReShade:

What's your install order? As my submod replaces some vanilla TLD brfs, just as the asset pack does, they would overwrite each other.
Best install the scene pack last. This has the downside that some of the updated textures/materials will not show up. But otherwise I can't guarantee that the scenes work properly.

I'll add a disclaimer to the main post.
- TLD 3.3
- Warband compatibility Patch
- Nightly Patch
- Texture Assets
- Scene Pack

That's the order I followed. But first of all I installed too the new HD textures from Taleworlds, do you think that matters?
The problem comes indeed for the Texture assets, their is a module.ini in the archive which is overwrited by the module.ini from the Scene Pack. I reinstalled everything without the Textures assets and Minas Tirith has its Black wall.

I guess if we want to play with both Texture Assets and the Scene Pack, we have to edit manually module.ini to include your changes?
Oh, thanks for figuring this out!

Yeah, you'll have to manually edit the module.ini. Clever as I am, I removed the bit about module.ini from the readme to avoid confusion. Best use a text editor that has a compare function.
No, most of my files have been incorporated to the main build.


load_mod_resource = JB_textures

load_mod_resource = JB_Morgul
load_mod_resource = JB_WB_meshes
load_mod_resource = JB_WB_workshops

As before, make sure to load JB_textures before all the TLD files.

I come back again with the eternal question: is the submod compatible with the latest Nightly Patch (r2261 from today)? :smile:

Your work should be added to the main mod, it will ease the installation/update process.  :lol:
I just uploaded v1.6, which is compatible with the latest nightly patch.  :wink:

Version 1.6 changelog:
- made compatible with nightly patch and steam version until at least 4th April 2017
- fixed outer terrains for some scenes
- minor changes to some scenes you won't even notice

Still a minor release, yes. But I keep adding minor scenes to the main build (scout camps, villages, Osgiliath outskirts), so you get new content anyway. :smile:

ALG said:
Your work should be added to the main mod, it will ease the installation/update process.  :lol:
I understand that, but I like to keep the submod seperate, so people can choose themselves. Especially as some of my scenes are quite performance-heavy and many people seem to play TLD on older computers (even on DirectX 7!). Also, my scenes are not M&B compatible and poor Khamu had to work his ass off just to get Dale and Esgaroth into the main build.
ALG said:
Your work should be added to the main mod, it will ease the installation/update process.  :lol:

I'm one of InVain's fans and am always lobbying to get his stuff into the main build :razz: (even if it is WB only like the Dale scene!).

Also, if his work on the submod is slowing down, it's because he is working on a lot for the main build :smile: You can check out his plans here: Trello Card
The siege of Dol-Guldur must be corrected: on the bridge and on the walls, units walk in textures; In place of spawning orcs, all the orcs sit in the pit and can not get out, as a result of all who approach them they kill, but the fortress can not be taken.
Thanks for spotting this! The props had wrong collision meshes.

Just unpack this hotfix into your TLD directory (allow to overwrite). It should fix the collision issue und also make the siege more enjoyable, overall.

New version up! I'm still adding scenes to the main mod (check out the new landmark scenes!) so I have release a new version of this every time I change the main mod's scene file. Still nothing new, just a few touch-ups. This also contains the above fix for Dol Guldur, although I forgot to mention it in the changelog.

- made compatible with nightly patch and steam version until at least 24th April 2017
- fixed outer terrain for Pelennor Fields
- added some CWE flora to Gondor scenes
- randomized animation timings of prop-spawned troops so they don't move like Peter Jackson's elves.

Also I recently uploaded a few screenshots to moddb, so I might as well show them off here:












Mordor has some advanced siege technology, didn't you know?  :razz:

Uploading 1.7a right now:
Version 1.7a changelog:
- fixed some spawn points and AI mesh in Minas Tirith siege
- fixed collision meshes in Dol Guldur (already did so in 1.7 but forgot to mention)

Oh, and I changed the prefix of my files to differentiate them from the files added to the main build. Shouldn't be a problem, just be aware that you'll have some dublicate brfs and textures in your mod folder if you don't do a TLD fresh install.

Edit: Done!
Have fun with the MT siege and please give me some feedback! This one was hard to get right. (And post screenshots. I love looking at my work.)

Edit2: Oh, and here's a preview of what I'm preparing for the next "big" version:
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