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OSP: The Open Source Project

The Open Source Project is a collaboration of models for Mount&Blade mod makers, free for all to use, and is contributed to by anyone who wishes. Succinctly put, it is a pot. The idea was come up with by Maw. Kudos to the man.

What this is NOT.

This is NOT a mod. This is a modders resource, and it requires some skill at modding to be able to put these items ingame.

Currently however, some packs are more noob friendly than others, and require only minimal modding savvyness, while others require a more indepth knowledge of modding, such as use of the official Module System.

Down to business
. As of now, we have a number of OSP packs, done by different people and done in slightly different ways.
Below are links to the Repository download, and the specific project's Forum thread, and the pack author's name.

Give Credit where Credit is due. All items in OSP packs are free for anyone to use without permission, as long as credit is given to the original creator of the item! Different methods of identifying an item's creator are used in different OSP packs. Please refer to the specific threads. Note: The people who put the packs together are not necessarily the people who made the items.

Also, please report any bugs in the individual OSP threads, not this one. All this is for is arranging the packs in an easy to find manner.

These are the following packs in circulation:

Mount&Gladius v2.0 - by Llew
Download Link
Mount&Gladius v2.0 Thread

OSP  WW1 weapons, scrips, sounds etc. - by Lucke189
Download Link
WW1 weapons, scrips, sounds etc. Thread

[OSP] Austro's Items - by Austro
Download Link
[OSP] Austro's Items Thread

OSP Weapons - by Rigadoon
Download Link
Weapons Thread

OSP Rock And Mountain Pack - by Goosemaner
Download Link
Rock And Mountain Pack Thread

OSP Narf's Rus Armour Pack - by Narf of Picklestink
Download Link
Narf's Rus Armour Pack Thread

Samurai weapons OSP - by bogmir
Download Link
Samurai weapons OSP Thread

OSP Highlanders models - by Yamabusi
Download Link
Highlanders models Thread

Mackie's OSP Weapons Pack - by xenoargh
Download Link
Mackie's OSP Weapons Pack Thread

OSP Ficus's Roman Pack - by Ficus
Download Link
Ficus's Roman Pack Thread

OSP Flintlock Firearms - by Llew
Download Link
Flintlock Firearms OSP Thread

medieval helmet pack - by dejawolf
Download Link
medieval helmet pack Thread

OSP WEe's Helmets/Shields/Weapons - by mr.master
Download Link
[OSP] WEe's Helmets/Shields/Weapons Thread

OSP 7th-11th century arms and armour pack - by Rath0s
Download Link [Gamefront.com]
7th-11th century arms and armour pack Thread

OSP Labyrinth +Hammer - by Albertus Magnus
Download Link
OSP Labyrinth Pack thread

OSP Narf's Transitional Armour Pack - by Narf
Download Link
OSP Narf's Transitional Armour Pack thread

OSP Faradons Weaponry - by Faradon
Download Link
OSP Faradons Weaponry thread

OSP Eastern Armor - by Njunja
Download Link
OSP Eastern Armor thread

OSP Spak Items - by Spak
Download Link
OSP Spak Items thread

OSP China Map - by vahadar
Download Link
OSP China Map thread

OSP Rhodok/Nordic Armor Pack - by BrustwarzenLenny
Download Link
OSP Rhodok/Nordic Armor Pack thread

OSP Combination Helmets - by FrisianDude
Download Link
OSP Combination Helmets thread

OSP TES4 Weapons - by BrustwarzenLenny
Download Link
OSP TES4 Weapons Thread

OSP Narf's Plate Armour Pack - by Narf
Download Link
OSP Narf's Plate Armour Pack Thread

OSP More Horses - by wanderer949
Download Link
OSP More Horses Thread

OSP Warhorses - by  wanderer949
Download Link
OSP Warhorses Thread

OSP LOTR Weapons - by Llew2
Download Link
OSP LOTR Weapons Thread

OSP Faradon's Smithy - by faradon
Download Link
OSP Faradon's Smithy Thread

OSP Unique Armory - by Talak
Download Link
OSP Unique Armory Thread

OSP Viking Model Pack - by dejawolf
Download Link (dejawolf.com)
OSP Viking Model Pack Thread

OSP Medieval Helmet Pack - by dejawolf
Download Link (dejawolf.com)
OSP Medieval Helmet Pack Thread

OSP Roman Equipment - by RR_Raptor65
Download Link
OSP Roman Equipment Thread

OSP Modern Scene Props - by NaglFaar
Download Link
OSP Modern Scene Props Thread

OSP Silverwolf's Resource Pack - by Silverwolf.
Download Link (Uploading.com)
Silverwolf's Resource Pack Thread (Exilian)

OSP Indo-Persian Armor Pack - by dariel.
Download Link
OSP Indo-Persian Armor Pack Page (Blogspot)

OSP Indo-Persian Shield Pack - by dariel.
Download Link
OSP Indo-Persian Shield Pack Page (Blogspot)

OSP Steam Punk and Costumes - by -IYI-O-R-T-.
Download Link (Mediafire)
OSP Steam Punk and Costumes Thread

OSP Banner Pack - by Teshin.
Download Link (Fileshost)
OSP Banner Pack Thread

OSP Clothing - by HokieBT.
Download Link
OSP Clothing Thread

OSP Knights Mod - by Couched.
Download Link (Filefront)
OSP Knights Mod Thread

OSP Woad Skins - by Kolba.
Download Link
OSP Woad Skins Thread

OSP: 18th century uniforms - by Dain Ironfoot.
Download Link
OSP 18th Century Uniforms Thread

OSP Cloak Pack - by Dain Ironfoot.
Download Link
OSP Cloak Thread

OSP Armor Pack - by maw.
Download Link
OSP Armor Thread

OSP Horse Pack - by maw
Download Link
OSP Horse Pack Thread

OSP Shield Pack - by maw
Download Link
OSP Shield Pack Thread

OSP Helmet Pack
- by Dindi
Download Link
OSP Helmet Thread

OSP Weapon Pack - by Bismark
Download Link
OSP Weapon Thread

OSP Horse Textures - wildhorse
Download Link
OSP Horse Textures Thread

I will continue to add packs as they are released; either post in this thread or PM me if you want a pack added.

Many Kudos to the people who put these packs together; this is what a modding community is about, folks!

"Mod, baby, Mod!" - maw


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There an assortment of models and textures, there not version specific, or for that matter game specific.

To use them, download it, stick it in your mod, and give credit.

Cloud Breaker

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May you add shaders and alpha channels to the materials in the OSP? I've done it manually for myself, but I think other modders would like it better if they didn't have to do the tedious job themselves.  :razz:

I'm using iron_shader_skin with specular 300 R400 G400 B400 for armor materials. I haven't done it to the rest yet.


Well ok, everything seems fine but....

The weapons have textures, yet when i look at the textures, they are all the same, and all it shows me is some kind of picture with a house and a tree!!!!! this is with all the textures to all the weapons.
so all the weapons look completely retarded. how do i fix this?


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Hey~!  The Firearms OSP is messed up.  They are not oriented right.  Put them in my game and they are all screwed up.  Can whom ever created them fix them and orient them correctly?  Please.


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Cloud Breaker said:
Rotate the model 270 degrees along the x-axis.

OK.  How do we do that?  In Wings  3D?  Someone explain please...this is driving me crazy.


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Figured it out.  :grin:

Now I have another question.

OK...you know the scimitar in game and other swords, some have scabbards, and when you draw the sword the scabbard is still visible.  I know how to edit the the items_kinds1 and make my scabbard for one of my swords to show up on my character, however, when I have the sword in the scabbard it doesn't show up.  Why?  The scabbard stays visible the whole time, whether the sword is drawn or sheathed - just the sword is missing when sheathed.

I noticed that the scabbard for the native scimitar is just a model with the shape of the scimitar handle coming out the end(at least that is what I can gather when I look at the scim_scab in wings3d).  How does the sword handle dissappear from the scabbard if the scab model is one with the sword handle, or is the sword handle and scabbard two seperate models?


Someone explain this to me please.


I am using some of the weapons for my own mod and all of them seem to be okay.
Maybe I will redo the mod with some new stuff and in one brf-archive which will destroy the conflict when different items need the same materials and textures.


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Wow...this takes a lot of time to mod a game so that it is just right.  If modding a game is this time consuming with all we all ready have to use to mod it...imagine what it was like for the guys/gals that created this game from scratch.  I do love the game though.  Best game I have ever played.  ::huge grin::


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How would I get these in game?
Just extract them into resource and texture folders? Because I've tried that and I've had no luck.


I added this to my module.ini file:
load_mod_resource = communityhelms
load_mod_resource = mod_armor
load_mod_resource = mod_horses
load_mod_resource = mod_shields
load_mod_resource = OSP_Axes
load_mod_resource = OSP_Blunt_Weapons
load_mod_resource = OSP_Polearms
load_mod_resource = OSP_Ranged
load_mod_resource = OSP_Swords

When I try to start my mod, I get an error:


attempt to reregister texture costumes3_maw.dds

Perhaps there is quite a bit more work to be done in fixing up the OSP packs? I would have expected the makers of these packs to have at least tried to load them in the game.


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ssfsx17 said:
When I try to start my mod, I get an error:


attempt to reregister texture costumes3_maw.dds

Perhaps there is quite a bit more work to be done in fixing up the OSP packs? I would have expected the makers of these packs to have at least tried to load them in the game.

What I've found to be the safest way is to do this (I'm using an example for OSP helmets):
1: Put all the OSP textures (.dds) in the mod texture folder.
2: Copy one of the ORIGINAL .brf files from the game (like helmets_b.brf or what it's called) to the mod resource folder. Don't change the name.
3. Open your new helmets_b.brf in BRFedit and import the OSP equipment to that file. Save.
4. Open module.ini and change the load_resource = helmets_b to
load_mod_resource = helmets_b.
You basically don't ADD a line to the module.ini, you just change one.

I don't know if it's more complicated than necessary, but it's worked for me so far.
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