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It's been a very long road since the development of this mod started all the way in 2012. with Highlander's conceptual versions. At last, we want to offer the whole community to make use of the various features found in the source of the module. Currently, only the code and animations are open source. We're working on assembling the binaries from various contributors to make them available as well. This does not mean the mod development will be stopped. We're switching to an open source way of working on the module, with a place for community contributions to take place.

The Multiplayer Source Repository: https://gitlab.com/bearforceii/multiplayer

Features included(stable, optimized and tested with up to 200 people on a server):
  • A fully automatic shooting system with a spray/recoil mechanic.
  • Item modifier system for guns - adjusting accuracy, stability/spray, bolt speed, dispersion
  • Active force powers - force jump, heal, lightning, teleport
  • Passive force powers - force regeneration, force bonus, force offense, force defense
  • Bolt deflection
  • Conquest gamemode with a spawn location chooser
  • Map overview feature - press M to view current map
  • Jetpacks and fuel regeneration
  • Grenades, grenade launchers and C4
  • Smoke grenades
  • Bloodscreen for hit feedback
  • War cries mechanic
  • Hip and shoulder aiming mode
  • Sniper zoom
  • Medics and healing
  • Lightsaber hilt and blade system
  • New universal server messaging system(admin, inter-admin chat)

Experimental/removed features you may find:
  • New gamemodes - Hero, Random Battle
  • Area of Effect auras e.g. healing, damage boost
  • EMP grenades
  • Force push, force choke
  • Rocket launcher
  • Binocular feature

The Singleplayer Source Repository: https://gitlab.com/bearforceii/singleplayer
- Currently a copy of WRECK, but you can track the code as development progresses.

All OSP terms found here apply.
Credit must be given to the contributors of this open source pack:
For the code said:
BNS Marko


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_Sebastian_ said:
This looks familiar to me...
No idea why.
Now you can get back to working on it over gitlab  :razz:

DerGreif said:
Very generous of you! Thank you so much!
No problem, hope it's useful!

If anyone ports the features to their mod, feel free to show the results.