[OSP] Between Empires mod

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Between Empires mod is open-source project available in Github - https://github.com/EldarFara/VictorianEraDev
Only code is open-source, it contains:
In-battle mechanics - aerial view control, new company system, artillery, MGs, discipline level mechanic, walk/run toggle mechanic, prone position firing and many other miscellaneous things (flora prop spawn, 3d ambience sound, revolver fanning, animated flags, 2 more times of the day sky modes - dawn/twilight and morning/evening, order reaction voicing, poison gas attack, hand grenades for bots etc.).
World map mechanics - improved diplomacy with alliances and casus belli fabricating, deep economy system with detailed factories, internal politics system with political parties, political movements, rebellion, revolution and civil war features, army enlistment with ranks mechanic, as well as complete faction AI overhaul.


This mod has so many cool features! One of my favorites is the addition of new beards with different sideburn options, and how hair actually moves which I don't think I have seen before. Are those new beard styles open for use as well?
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