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The Swords of Damarius is one of the oldest groups in the Bannerlord community. And the first RP group in the NA NW community, named the Fisters. The Iron Fister blessed be his name, decided to venture into Bannerlord and create OSOD as two of his friends wanted him to. And hence the Bannerlord clan was formed. A majority of our players are from the NW pro/RP community. Fun fact our community is officially a decade old group!

Reasons to Join
OSOD is one of the only clans that is active in the NA competitive/casual gameplay that always gets a new member (will you be our next?) As of 12/27/21 we have defeated all other major NA clans including MFIA, VK, XYZ, NATO, and PSFC and many others as shown in our footage. This is to show that we play competitively and do so successfully proving OSOD to be one of the Best NA clans out there. This clan has much to offer whether you just want to train to become the best, to play competitively against other clans, play casually with the clan, or wanting to make new friends to enjoy the game with! We also plan on hosting our very own NA wide server called Calradian Roleplay, to make sure the NA community can enjoy a RP server that will become the mainstay of the Bannerlord community. Especially since the NA community is practically dead playing with a clan is the best way to ensure you get games and good practice in as you know damn well you ain't finding a skirm game by yourself. In short we are competitive players, casual gamers, and roleplay enjoyers, literally no reason not to join us!

Joining this clan is really easy no seriously it is. We take anyone who has the readiness to get better and to give a home to players who want to have a fun group to play with. Don't be shy as the NA community cannot afford it, let us unite the community and play Bannerlord together as one!

Rules are very simple so pay attention, no toxicity be friendly to new players no matter their skill level. Don't be mischievous and ruin events by not listening to orders from officers and above, as there is a reason that they are allowed to lead. And finally have fun!

Contact Information
Feel free to contact Imperator on steam or Discord to join the clan and of course the clan steam group. Leader profile: [OSOD] Imperator
Steam group Link
Discord Link

What we are all about

Clan Lore
Calradia has long been the land of travelers and warriors seeking to gain fame, riches, and adventure. Some time before the death of the last Emperor, a group of men from all over Calradia joined swords and shields seeking just those things that all Calradic adventurers seek. One day as they travelled, they were lured into a forest by a brilliant light. As they pushed through brush and thicket, they found themselves in a clearing, and before them was a woman in armor, shining light like that of the Sun from her Sword. She told them that War was coming to Calradia, and that by the end of it the Gods of War, led by Damarius Imperator, would save only the greatest of warriors for a new world. She then raised her sword to the sky, and after a flash of light it was gone. She told the men that the Sword had become one with their bodies. They had become The Swords of Damarius. The newly made Swords of the Chief God of War then sharpened themselves for battle, and founded their Order. An Order of believers in the Gods of War, whose purpose was to become the most skilled and famous warriors in all of Calradia, so that they may be saved. So, the Order of the Swords of Damarius marches to battle, to victory, and to salvation.

Messengers of the Gods of War would speak to various Swords of Damarius on multiple occasions, and through these revelations we further understand exactly what it takes to be saved, and to see the new world. Firstly, it was said that it is righteous to die in battle. Though a true warrior should fight all he can while he lives, he who fears and runs from death will surely be denied salvation. Those who die, when the time comes, will be made anew, forged in fire. Whether a warrior dies in battle, or lives through each he fights, he must be among the most ferocious and skilled of all warriors, in order to be saved. However, one must also be honorable, so that all warriors are given a fair chance to prove themselves to the Gods. Therefore, to commit an act of dishonor is akin to being the most pathetic of all warriors, meaning reaching salvation becomes impossible. Besides skill and honor, the Gods also look favorably upon acts of courage and bravery, for they show that the warrior possesses the mettle within his heart, besides the strength in his arms, to become a citizen of the new world. Finally, one must not forget the importance of dignity in neither life nor in death, that the Swords of Damarius may spill blood, yet remain unstained.
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