(ORIGINAL THREAD) maw's murder mod LOCKED

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You should ask for a progress report, most modders dont like being asked for release date. (jsut some advice.)

Is that a release date...??
The bane of all programmers and modders??

Wow..... I hope it doesn't destroy your nervous system, Maw.
Rathyr said:
Yay. I can't wait to die on a hill-side along with everyone else, alone.  :smile:
But if you do die on a hill-side along with everyone else, it wouldn't be much of a lonely death would it. :???:
Boy_suicide said:
I know, but I'm implying that if you die with other people then you aren't dying alone. :neutral:

Maybe it's a mental thing. Nobody's a-coming with you, they're all going their own separate way! I don't actually care...funny though!
I sense much anger in you. Are you getting enough fiber? Maybe I should ask you about your childhood, and your deepest phobias, so I can figure out why you are so upset. I'll PM you to continue this therapy.
Nethoras said:
Oh my God its a ****ing joke stop over analysing shiat!, also is there like a real forum for this mod, because this doesnt say very much...
Calm down, hothead. I was adding a bit of dry humor myself.  :neutral:
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