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Sergeant Knight
Hello Folks,

I am posting this on behalf of Jon Sayles, a musician who graciously donated some of his recordings for my mod "Prophesy of Pendor". 

Jon's passion is getting the word out, about the genius of composers from the 13th through the 16th centuries ("Early Music").  His web-site contains ~130 Early Music .MP3 recordings, digitally-recorded and royalty free as long as you cite the source and credit both him and the composer.

I invite you, on Jon's behalf, to visit his site and have a listen to the forgotten treasure that Early Music is - in this 21st century.  Jon is looking to get the word out - and wants to keep these compositions and their composers alive, and you, as modders, can use his music to help bring to life your gaming concepts.

Jon's Early Music site URL is:

Here is a Forum Link to how to implement these songs into your mod:,50444.0.html

If you feel the recordings work for you and/or are interested in discussing Early Music, feel free to drop Jon a line and start up a dialogue.  He is excited about the possibilities this genre has opened up to share Early Music with the world. 

He can be reached at: [email protected]

Kindest regards,




Grandmaster Knight
Very nice music, I just listened to several songs and must say they're really well played.

I have a mandolin at home, so if he happens to have some notes for songs which may sound nice on mandolin he could probably send them to me.

I had to figure out how to record it though, I don't have anything better than a headset at home. I think I could get a better recorder though...


thank you very much for directing me you have aided me in finding some Germanic music of the era :smile:


This is almost exactly what I've been looking for. Could we get this tacked onto the resource thread, please? Thanks much to the OP and Mr. Sayles.


Knight at Arms
Yeah, I used about 15 songs from that site in my mod. Most of them sound best for background music while travelling and in towns/villages or in taverns. Very few of them make good battle music. Still, he's a got quite a large selection of songs from different countries. Very useful if you're looking for music to fit a certain culture.


Sergeant Knight
Please drop John a line and thank him if you use his music.. it would really make his day. 

Best regards,



Knight at Arms
:mrgreen: Yeah, I had a nice conversation with him. He's a very nice guy and seemed rather excited that his music was being used in this way.


This music is amazing.

I have looked all over for this kind of stuff; it' really hard to find, and with quality.

Back when I was in high school, our history teacher brought us some songs from 16th century Spain and Portugal, though they had vocal as well. Really wish I could find those songs too.

I'm sending him my thanks for the excelent work.
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