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Good day to you all.

I, and I assume that I am not alone with this, have a small form factor keyboard, without an actual F-row. Which isn't usually an issue, as you could bind stuff tos something like "Shift + 1" instead of "F1", or isn't used that often, so it isn't a big issue to use the "FN + 1" layer, which get's registered as just "F1".
But in this game, the second one isn't really an option, while in melee, and annoying as hell, when not. To be able to bind that stuff to different key combos would be just great, and increase the quality of this game by so much.




So your problem is that the config screen won't recognise simultaneous key presses as control inputs? If you don't mind doing some simple scripting then Autohotkey could help, it's a general key remapping utility for Windows, with a programming language attached.

Or you could use voice recognition software to send the desired keystrokes when you say "infantry" or "charge" or whatever. I think this would be quite immersive and would do it myself, but my wife thinks I'm weird enough already :grin:
i am using a 60% keyboard myself. I tried to do a similar thing, but resulted in just using the C to . buttons with commands. Works great once you get used to it.

I made a post about something similar earlier, I hope they add something like a circle or something to be able to do the same thing.
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