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Orders during a route

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At some point towards the end of the battle the enemy all start routing and the battle is over. At this point, I lose the ability to issue commands to my troops. This is both annoying and unrealistic. I'm often holding the cavalry out of the fight while the ranged units soften the enemy up, intending to charge once some damage is done. The enemy sometimes route sooner than I expect, and I lose the ability to order the cavalry to pursue the routing enemies.

I would greatly appreciate a change which allows me to continue issuing orders during the route phase of a battle.


Not only would it be useful for hunting down and mopping up routers, but it would also be great for practicing troop maneuvers.

There's no real convenient way right now to practice with the various formation commands.
ROUT - troops running away

ROUTE - a path to a destination

Yes, English is weird, too many foreign (french) words implanted, screwing it up.



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Although... as orders essentially freeze upon rout... any soldiers with an existing order to go somewhere, will be unable to change their route.


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Many have complained about this since TW made this awful change a few patches ago.

Really don't know who is the genius there that thinks taking player control away is fun in anyway whatsoever.


Everyone makes mistakes, but not fixing them when you are repeatedly told it's a mistake is inexcusable.


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They can't admit they were wrong.
They never do, the completely uncalled for changes to the command bars was the same, then after a long time of people complaining they just restored the old version as a legacy option instead of simply admitting the change wasn't needed/liked and reverting it.

I'm not complaining about it being restored, atleast we got it back but i'm already waiting to see what they will **** next that no one wanted instead of fixing broken things *sieges coof coof* that are in a sad state since release more than a year ago.
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I agree, this bugs me too and afaik no one asked for that change.

Or the nerf of Athletics, it was too fast, but they nerfed it too hard.

And yeah, Siege ladders need to be fixed for good at Siege Towers, a modder fixed that already, it's time, that the devs fix it for good.
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