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Optional CommonRes for mods in BL

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I have a theoretical question. In Warband, there is a CommonRes folder containing resources that can be used in all mods without having to download additional content; one just has to reference them in their mod. Is it possible to set up a CommonRes folder for Bannerlord with user-made content? It would work like this: a content creator decides to upload their work to CommonRes database. Next, if someone uses the assets in a mod, they would have to be downloaded to CommonRes in order to play the mod. If many mods use same assets, they would have to be downloaded once and lots of storage would be saved as many projects just distribute same things. Downloading user-made CommonRes stuff would be optional, of course.


Regular mods can barely be managed right now, I doubt that anything more advanced is possible. In in doubt, post in the modding sections.
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