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Can you create a button to be able to disable/enable the voice greeting dialogues specially at this stage of the game when you just introduce new features like voice greeting dialogues. Having multiple characters voices could be a great feature but for now having one voice for multiple characters is just not adding to the game.

Lord Irontoe

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Yes, totally agree. I appreciate the effort, but the voices really don't fit the characters at all. Hearing some Khuzait lord speak in the voice an Oxford dean really ruins any immersion.

Voice acting would be a great addition, but if you're not prepared to hire many dozens of actors to do all the different cultures and character types, then you shouldn't even bother with voices at all. It hurts more than it helps.


It was wip as everything else last I heard. We're still in beta remember? They'll add some more accents and call it major content update.
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