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I think there should be an option in your settings that lets you "Set" faction colours as you can in Warhammer for example. If you look at the left you can see you can choose Neutral, Ally, Enemy and Player colour for entities. I think a setting should exist in banner lord which naturally is disabled but is able to be turned on by the player. This would be extremely helpful for players with colour-blind issues or people who have issues if two mirror factions fight.

For example for both MP and SP if you have two big groups of Aserai troops fighting it can be borderline impossible to see what is going on.
This is the Default Aserai Troop:

This could be the Enemy Aserai with this setting enabled if you choose the enemy colour to be red:

This could be your player Aserai colour if you choose it to be green:

This could be your ally aserai skirmisher with this setting enabled if you choose it to be blue:

Obviously, these colours may be extreme but this system would not be used by everyone. But for those that use this system and especially in any sort of mirror fight for MP this would be an extremely and easy addition for quality of life.
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