Open to the Mod Creators and let them fix and create.

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It is time to really release the modding kits for multiplayer along with custom servers.

At this point release this so you can truly take your time working on the game, and maybe using/adding mechanics or scripts that modders will create. Let them help you and us as a community. There is so much talent being sat on the side because they don't have access. I have already seen what some of the server testers have been able to do and I have to say it's impressive how people can fix certain problems in days compared to months from TW devs, and I understand there is a lot on the plate for Taleworlds, so why not let someone else take a bite at the game. I think there are many things that TW could implement into the game that are made by modders. A good example, is the bot invasion mod back on Warband. You guys used one of those devs to help with your bot invasion on Warband. I know who he is and he is a fantastic coder, and there are so many others that could make a difference for the game and for the better. More resources/time/talent is to be gained by opening up to the mod tools and creators.

I also clearly still am destined on releasing custom servers as soon as possible. Sure it will be unstable but truly the game is going to be unstable regardless, so why not allow us the community a chance to make the game better, and it really could give you guys a breath. Work on things as we go, because it has worked fairly well from the duel servers. You gave us a version of a duel server while you created great duel mode. Gave you time to because the players had something to be occupied by.

I look at this as something that could benefit everyone. Maybe I am crazy and have no idea at all.

I hope you all have a great day!!

Thank you
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