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The Section Open Source Resources is the child of the Open Source Project. It is a collaboration of models for Mount&Blade mod makers, free for use (at sometimes specific conditions), and is contributed to by anyone who wishes.

What this is NOT. This is NOT a mod. This is a modders resource, and it requires some skill at modding to be able to put these items ingame. Currently however, some packs are more noob friendly than others, and require only minimal modding savvyness, while others require a more indepth knowledge of modding, such as use of the official Module System.

Give Credit where Credit is due. All items in OSP packs are free for anyone to use without permission, as long as credit is given to the original creator of the item! Different methods of identifying an item's creator are used in different OSP packs. Please refer to the specific threads. Note: The people who put the packs together are not necessarily the people who made the items.

What is the difference between OSP and LSP?
As a means to streamline cooperation we will also provide some guidelines for permissions. For instance, the following is true for future [OSP] resources:
  • You may use these assets for non-commercial and commercial ventures (Careful - See Monetization details below).
  • You may use these assets in open and closed source projects.
  • You have the rights to create, use and share or restrict the use of derivative works but need to provide credit to the original creator.
  • Permission may not be redacted.
(While the above may be akin to creative commons licenses such as this, we do not make any claims on the legal applicability of our guidelines.)

This is in line with the original conception of the open source project
Llew said:
The Open Source Project is a collaboration of models for Mount&Blade mod makers, free for all to use, and is contributed to by anyone who wishes. Succinctly put, it is a pot. The idea was come up with by Maw. Kudos to the man.
Nonetheless, not all topics marked [OSP] are necessarily labelled correctly. You should therefore always check the original post of such a topic for any additional requirements that the author may have laid out. Going forward, the tags of "OSPs" will be changed to [LSP], which stands for Limited Source Project, if they do not fully embrace the above permissions. Their creators may loosen the permissions to regain the [OSP] tag.

If you wish to share resources with the community, you may thus simply put an [OSP] tag on them and reference the above guidelines. Alternatively, you can add a [LSP] tag and specify your own conditions. These should define whether others can use, adapt and/or share your work as part of a mod or resource package and whether or not they may restrict the use of their derivatives. You should also define whether they may use it in a closed source project and whether or not commercial purposes are permitted. (This includes the collection of donations for a project using the [LSP] in question.) Lastly, you should define your "right to revoke". Should you fail to define any one of these points, we will assume that the [OSP] guidelines apply for that particular aspect.

This section of the forum is closed for creating topics - if you have a modding question please post it in The Forge.

If you're developing or have developed a modding resource you wish shared, then please post it in The Forge. The Mount & Blade Engine Moderators will then move your topic after a week or two of exposure in The Forge.

If your topic still hasn't been moved to the Open Source Resources section after 3 weeks then feel free to send a PM to one of the Mount & Blade Engine Moderators:


Also, please report any bugs in the individual OSP threads, not this one. All this is for is arranging the packs in an easy to find manner.
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