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First of all, I can't make threads in "Open Source Resources". If a moderator could move my thread, that would be great.

Hoods in vanilla Warband suck. TaleWorlds tried to fix it, but stopped halfway.
So I decided to continue.

First, what do we have here: replacement meshes for hood_b, hood_c and hood_d.
No replacement for hood_a, because TaleWorlds did that. So I took their new improved mesh, and just vertex colored it.
Hoods b and c were 2-colored, but that can't be replicated, so I made them 1-colored. But the colors are inspired by originals, so don't worry, it should match ok.
No replacement for hood_black, because it has a different shape and wouldn't look good.

It's just BRF file, uses vanilla materials and textures.



Download from modding community Discord:
other download:
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