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Hello to everyone!

A subset of the total conversion modding community wrote an open letter from the developers of mod teams looking to create a "Multiplayer" mode in general, regarding the "Server" section in the latest "Future Plans" attached messages from Bannerlord developers about some of our serious issues. Wrote. The Open Letter written by Jance, who is in the Kingdoms of Arda team, was received positively by Taleworlds developers, and they brought innovations that will lead to more innovations in the development stages. However, here we wanted to convey our concerns about this issue to TaleWorlds through this letter, unlike some parts of the "Future Plans" section.

We are aware that especially Tournament/League owners raise a lot of topics about "Servers" in the community and we know that this bothers Taleworlds Developers as well because now they want these "Servers" to be released as soon as they can; and they are doing their best, but you know " As Callum stated in the "Future Plans" section.

Finally, later down the line (and possibly after the full release of the game), we intend to share custom server files to allow you to host your own multiplayer game servers.

We all know that Taleworlds has been slow in development in the Multiplayer part because it has given priority to Singleplayer and the Singleplayer part is subject to the most intense updates in this regard. However, we know that Dejan hosts special events and provides "Event" support to the community, of course, we are grateful to dear Dejan for this!

We thought and moved on this descriptive text for a long time, talked to many mod communities and understood the concerns of mod projects that want to successfully continue their testing phase in Multiplayer mod projects, and we had to write an open letter to Taleworlds about it.

Here is the link to the full letter.
We welcome all kinds of encouragement, comments and support that you need to express your criticism, support and suggestions in this topic.

Sincerely and respectfully,
The Total-Conversion Community
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Agreed, a couple of mods I was waiting for have already been cancelled, because of the lack of progress in custom servers. I hope the devs are already working on this feature.
If this game wants any kind of future they must start caring and helping the mod community more.
Great letter ?
Yes, i agree with Einar, ofc. There is nothing i mean NOTHING that TW can do for Bannerlord Multiplayer that will have a greater (positive) impact than allowing the existance of multiplayer mods via custom server and any other mean.
Just to summarize a few points for the developers:
  1. The only way for us to create mods is to provide us with one of the solutions in the letter.
  2. We have already lost several great minds and great ideas because we've already had to sit and wait for 1.5 years. Making us wait another year will mean a lot of potential will be permanently lost.
  3. Great mods drive your sales, and if we can only release such mods 1+ year after the full release, you will miss out on a lot of traffic.
Jance, who was previously in the Kingdoms of Arda team
Oof, looks like I've been fired ?

On a serious note though, F for all the multiplayer mods out there that are waiting patiently to have something to work with, hopefully TW will get something for you guys to work with soon.
It may sound rude, but TW has already showed us it's not competent enough to finish game properly. Just give modders opportunity to finish game for you TW!
This would be one of the most impactful additions to the game!

Think about the people from countries you don't offer servers to at the moment, TaleWorlds, they paid good money for this game too!
Inappropriate behavior
Playing this game for 12 years. I know that you are a garbage company from the beginning but surprise me at least one time and do at least this. Nobody wants more I'm going to buy even your next garbage dlc if you will do that. Just let people with passion do their job after that eat kebabs from public donations as much as you like.

To be honest I do not believe that this garbage company that spits on their customers will do anything. You should focus your effort to gather modders and prepare a separate launcher for mods like guys from bannelord online did, I will even donate some money for it if you are going to decide to do something like this.
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