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Only 4 divisions?

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Am I missing something here, or is it just Ranged, Cav, Infantry and HA now? In warband we could divide our armies up into several different divisions, which was one of the best improvements over Mount and Blade.

I want to be able to move different troops to different areas. Like use my heavy infantry as a shield wall while lighter troops flank, or have two divisions of archers on each side of my main army, both protected by 2 arms of cavalry.

I had really hoped Bannerlord would be more focused on strategy and maneuvering, but it seems to be just charging.


There are 9 division, like in Warband. Not sure What you mean.
You can assign division (one of them even is called Heavy Infantry) in the Party menu. Select a Unit and next to their Character is a Small Banner with a Roman numeral. Click that.


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In Warband we could reName them - "KingsGuard" etc. Problem for me is this resets to default everytime i restart game as i split my guys up religiously for tactical reasons


Issue I am having is I can place my elite units in division 6 titled heavy infantry. However it does not save once I log out of save game. I have to redo it as again. sometimes after sieges too.
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