Only 1 Holmgang after the Thing?


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So, in my companion notes it records that I promised Egil a holmgang(duel) after the Thing (Assembly). I sure did! The fool abused a woman I swore to protect(you know, in the course of breaking all of our's trust collectively with his spying, womanizing, backbiting, troublemaking, tattletaling, et cetera)However, due to the choice at the Thing/Assembly I can only choose one person to duel, and no duel related to Brunhild comes up later........

Personally as this character I wanted to take care of both of the hypocritical spies, and although I've read you may be able to duel Egil over command later under the right circumstances, I don't even know if that would be fatal(and possibly a usable alternative, though I'd need to look weak to set it up I guess)


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Not sure how much you know about the story, so spoilers ahead..

by siding with the Saxons, Egil came at me a little bit after the other pagan companions left, and we duelled. He was surely dead (and by my choice, buried properly).

Not sure if this happens when siding with the Norse.

Short, non-spoilery answer: you should be able to duel Egil to death later on.