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I have 15 years experience as game tester, and game creator, with Mount and blade i have tons hours experience and with mods.
This game need to do something changes which can improve gameplay and possitive experience for players.

1) Persistent campaing

When player conquer all cities and castle there is nothing to do...its boring no challenge, no reward (Player character and clan should be a legend, gain something what remind to players their success, trophy hall? built a complete new city with his name?). After that the game is boring you rule all map great, nothing to do..why not ad "crisis events?"

1.1 Crisis event after conquered all map.

A) Golden horde

Nobody know what behind the see, not all continets or islad were discovered.
From desert cames New Faction, Strong Armies which start to siege cities after few years they start to build own empire.(completely new factions)

B) Sea Nations
You rule all Empire! But after few years, from sea embark a hordes of tribes, nobody know them, they are conquer cities and start to build own empire(completely new factions)

C) Political crisis

After few years when you conquer all cities, your main character(king of faction), was murdered. Heirs start a new civil war!

D) Conspiracy
Few nobles Clan, tried to kill you, you lost your kingdom, all your family member and friend was slaughtered, you and your followers run to your secret island and from exile you. You pretended your dead, take "fake identity" have to start built new relationships and contact your old loyal noble house and prepare your revenge and your own Conspiracy.

2) Quality of Life

2.1 Messenger

Its seriously annoying after lost battle collect your companion. Better solution would be sent a messenger and wait them in location in Pub, after few days they will come and adventures can continue.

2.2 Clan home city
Player should have option to choose his own home city, where they can meet nobles who want to join to his faction, invites other nobles who will cames talk, or just visit players counselor or ministries(similar thing was implemented warband)

2.3 Parties
Like in warband, invites nobles speak with them drink with them improve your realitonships with them, add some competition, or small spy game would be great. Find your bribe etc.


Diplomacy game is not enough, i am sure you know it. Its really bad player as a King have no influence on it. You cant declare war because all nobles have more influence points, you cant make a peace etc. Diplomacy need completely reworks. Topics like war and peace should be only in Kings hands. Influence point should be to use in different way.

3.1 KINGDOM DIPLOMACY(foreign diplomacy)

A) trade a regions
this feature should be possible at the start game! and nobles should have own specific realitonship to their lands(for example their home clan cities they never trade, but for example regions where they have less support form people and nobles, or with high-crime rate, they will sell gladly, or regions which has border with they rivals and they can evade the war).

B) economic blokade, blokade enemy or rival trade roads or specific good, do your rival has extra income from selling silver? Just block this type of contraband!

C) Support revolt, you can now support revolt in your rival kingdom and nobody know that!

D) support crime, you can now use your own bandits like "corsairs" let them attack from your lands to rival lands, and built save zones in boardland.

E) Political crisis - you can now start civil war at rival kingdom(it would require series of quest first of all have some friends in enemy faction, sent your compaion to inflitrate the kingdom)

3.2 CLAN DIPLOMACY(domestic policy)
Every king can be rule with kind kindless(popularity) or with terror(fear), every action should cost you influence points and start a quest(you can use your companion in quest)
Reputation in between clans = trustworthy

A) Assasinate
B) Pamflets - propaganda againt clan with more influence than you have, if you succed he lost a lot of influence and realiton ships with his friendly clans)
C) Anihilation - Prepare ambush, wipe all clan.
D) False accusation - more strogner than pamflet
E) Provocation - provoke a rival to death to death combat
F) claims - claims rival territory.
G) harm relations - with specific clan or person
H) ask favor - with friendly clan you can make a deal and they will support you with votes

You want a city which dont belong to you - First of all make first step spent your influence to make Claims and select the city, next action will be harm relations between king and noble who own the city, and next Pamflets, after that you can continue with Provocation if you kill the leader of the clan the city will be your, or False accustion(nobles will votes about your claim and you can use Ask Favor to better chance to win.

ALL this action should have aftermatch if they fail.


In kingdom should be a hierarchy of clans, you can make a carrier in kingdom as a reward you can get great gear, or privilge

4.1 Privilige

Middle age society was specific with clientelism and privilige for example some cities have privilige to organize markets, other city has privilage to brew beer, other city privilige to use nature resources(mining silver, use wood from forest etc.
With higher rank in clan hierarchy you clan gain a privilige as reward, which give to your clan passive bonuses

A) privilage to brew beer, your city can brew beer it gives you extra income and extra loyalty
B) priviilage to have university, citizens are less loyal, but your influece points has extra boost.
C) privilage "the right to conduct legal proceedings" Your home city is symbol of justice, less bandits, less coruption, higher taxes income.
D) etc.


New mechanics on campaing map which can add more tactic to game

A) Ambush - nature advantage,
player can prepare a ambush,you can hide your army and find a great nature spot which give you huge advantages(for example swamp- enemy cant use cavarly, high rock- player archer are protected with nature obstacles and start your ambush.

B) Ambush - destroy suplies - fast assault on wagons with supplies, let them burn and enemy army starve!

C) Ambush - cripple army - you cut down tries, prepare traps, attack and run, enemy army movement are reduced because they have to be carefull, every step can be their dead.

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