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Why does cheese smell like rotten farts?

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Don't change the formula that made Warband last so long. Already I see people wanting to quit the multiplayer component of Bannerlord. Why? Simple, we had one character, not many, don't copy Mordhau character creation nonsense.

Make a toon for all multiplayer, it's as simple as that.

Everyone I see looks like the same bearded fella, because nobody can be bothered making characters for each faction and what not.

Yes people had multiple characters, but it wasn't dedicated to each faction. One for all.

Remember what made Warband so successful, remove that character creation nonsense from multiplayer, except for the one people what to present themselves with.

We identify, and our opponents and friends identify that ONE face. DykeHunt had pink hair, never wore armour. That's gone forever.

Change it, or you will lose us quicker than a mayfly spawn.
This is paramount to the survival of your game.

P.S Don't wait too long for the private servers as that is another thing that will kill Bannerlord.
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