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This is both a suggestion and a request, but I think that the perks "Extra Arrows", "Spare Arrows", "Extra Throwing Weapon" and "Spare Throwing Weapon" should be tied to the Bow and Throwing skills and not to the Riding and Athletics skills. Just as the perk "Crossbow Expert" should be a Crossbow skill perk and not a Riding perk(and it is... it is doubled and should't exist in the Riding perk tree) and the "Sharpshooter" perk should also be split in 3 different names of the same skill and moved as perks to all three ranged weapons skills...

While the Riding perk "Squires", "Conroi" and the Bow perk "Merry Men" are also kind of misplaced or maybe not even exist.
My suggestion would be replacing them by a "+X party size" where X is the Social atribute level instead. So you'd get a bigger party size for the social attribute level of all companions in your party.
As social 1 = +1, a companion with 1 of social atribute level, the lowest possible, would technically not count to you maximum party size. While from social 2 onward they are increasing your maximum party size just a little bit due to their sociability.

Extra ammo should also be rebalanced as a single extra throwing weapon or only 3 is a bit too little and doesn't make much of a difference.
Possibly tying how many extra you get to your Control attribute level, just like your party size would be now tied to members social attribute level.
For every Control attribute level, you'd get +1 Throwing, +3 Arrows and Bolts, while the "extra ammo" perk skills would be a perk choice for all 3 ranged skills perk tree and double that amount per Control level.

For example, at bow level 25, instead of the "Marksman" perk, "Marksman" would be move to a choice in level 50 between it and "Hold Aim", the perk "Faster Aim" would be moved to level 75, as well as the level 100 perk "Mounted Archer". The choice between "Forest Hunter" and "Marsh Hunter" would be removed while you'd receive the perk "Howling Arrow" at level 100 instead of level 225 and the "Large Quiver" and "Battle Equipped" perks would be removed from the game.
So at level 25, you'd choose between a perk called "Horse Pouches" and a new "Large Quiver" perk, each with the text:
"Double the amount of extra arrows you get for each Control attribute level when you start a battle [on horseback / on foot]."

On Crossbow, "Fast Reload" would be fused to "Hasty Reload" and given as a choice on level 75 between it, giving +25% reload speed instead of +10% and then +15%, and a new "Crossbow Sharpshooter" giving +30% Crossbow Accuracy. The perk "Crossbow Cavalry" would be given at level 25, while the Riding skill perk "Crossbow Expert" would disappear from the game and you'd choose between doubling the number of extra bolts per Control attribute level on battle start if on foot or on horseback at level 50.

On Throwing, you'd choose between doubling the number of extra throwing on horse or on foot at level 25 while on level 50 you'd get the perk "Steady Hand" and "Skull Crusher" on level 75.
There are also several other perk changes I'd suggest on the Throwing perk tree, for example removing the perk "Skirmishers" from the game with these alterations, but I am quite tired already as I am writing this at 3 in the morning, yet I thought I sincerely should offer these suggestions while they are fresh in my mind to improve a bit on the perk trees as these are a few things I believe would improve a lot or don't make much sense currently.
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