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Old West
1890s Wild West Total Conversion


Old West is a singleplayer and multiplayer total conversion modification for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, set during the late period of the Old West during the 1890s, when such iconic characters from America’s past including Bill Doolin, Belle Starr, Black Elk, Bloody Bill Anderson, Jesse James, Cole Younger, The Three Guardsmen and many more helped shape the future of the continent and its people. Heavily inspired by the fantastic modification for Mount and Blade: Warband, 1860s Old America and Fistful of Frags for Half-life 2, Old West aims to provide both a single-player campaign and a multiplayer mode for players to enjoy. The goal is to develop and release the multiplayer mode first, as the campaign will take more time and assets to fully develop.


The campaign map will end up being shaped by technical limitations of the engine to be discovered during development, but the large piece of territory west of the mississippi, formerly known as Nueva España which includes New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma and more is possible for the campaign, while the multiplayer battles will feature iconic areas from the territory. The planned factions are the US Cavalry, Lawmen, Outlaws, Banditos, Settlers, Kiowa, Comanche and Apache. More factions may be planned and completed as development progresses, while a wide range of weapons from the Old West period is planned.


The plan for multiplayer is to support all standard bannerlord gamemodes, as well as a persistent world mode.


We are recruiting as many talented people as we can for this project, and during this early stage of Bannerlord mod development that primarily means we need 3D artists familiar with modeling or animating weapons and characters, environmental artists to help build up an asset library for levels, 2d artists for PBR texture work and concept artists to help with design. If you are not an artist, but would still like to help with development (programming, design, writing or funding) please feel free to apply so that we can build a team early. I am a senior software engineer who has worked in the games industry for over 6 years so my role on the team will be programming.

If you’re interested in helping work on the mod or wish to contact me, simply send me a private message here or on the ModDB page.

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