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Hey Taleworlds team,

I've plugged over 1900 hours into Bannerlords 2. The strategy aspect, immersion, graphics and gameplay experience are top notch. I've played with many mods, and also have enjoyed it as vanilla. I've never seen endgame, because my game usually crashes by that point, but I still enjoy this game a lot.

I'm not sure which update this was introduced, but the troop organization system is 50/50 for me. On one side, I love getting to set formations prior to the battle commencing. It's also a nice feature to "slow down" active gameplay as you order your troops to move locations. This new system is incredibly simple, so it offers newer players the ability to master battle strategy easier/quicker.

On the other side, one of my favorite parts of this game was troop assignment. This update is not realistic to battle strategy at all. Officers and veterans would not stand within the same ranks as recruits or proletariats. Normally, it would be recruits/fodder, season soldiers, then veterans last. With the new system, all infantry are mixed together, no matter the class. Sure, you can make separate formations and divide by percentage... and it works, but its not right.

I enjoyed finding small looters or clans and ranking my recruits up while the vets held back and watched. When I'd get confronted by a larger army, the recruits were the shock troops, saving my vets for another day. Eventually, I'd have an army of veterans and could take them to castles or fights where we were outnumbered 4 to 1. Sometimes greater. I'd repeat battles over and over using this strategy until I perfect each one, seeing as little loss as possible.

Ok, so my grievance is noted. Here is my suggestion.

The new version is truly a handicap, and that is ok because t's a great feature to teach new players the battle system. It takes hours to learn and master the battle system. I'm still learning at 1900 hours. Cavalry is my weakness lmao. It would be awesome if you could make this an optional setting. Old School Troop Organization (checkbox). Keep the slow motion stuff, and still allow for people to set formations pre-battle. Don't have them numbered in the pre-battle screen if it's an issue. Have the classes set per the number you assign in party screen, and then click each group and move them as needed. I need recruits to be with recruits, soldiers to be with soldiers, veterans to be with veterans, pikeman to be with pikeman, etc.... You get it.

If there is a mod out there that accomplishes this, I am uninformed on it.

Love this game, dearly. This new feature has me somewhat distraught hahaha. Thank you for your time and review of this suggestion.


I did watch the Development #10 video, and how you can edit further by class (Shield/Pike/2 Hand). This is great and covers 40% of my grievance :grin: , but I need to keep my recruits separate from soldiers and veterans. Not sure how this can be solved, or if it's being worked on.

I see there are a number of other "veterans" and "Sergeants" of this forum that mentioned the same thing. Take care of us Taleworlds!!!
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