Okay, doing my 15 minutes quick-burn plays, I've encountered some weird bugs.

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First, minor factions/clans at late game are forcing you to recruit them as if they were lords, after you do so, some time passes, they return to being mercenaries (?????), and switch to another faction.

Good nature lords are deflecting extremely easily, and more surprising, they are taking their fiefs with them, at some point I've thought only "evil/egoistical" lords would do that, because most of the good nature boys I've recruited never took their fiefs with them on the switch (why the **** is that?), while others did... So, what's really going on there?

I've also noticed a ****ing annoying pattern through which enemy factions will force peace once they steal a fief from you, like, Instantly (bunch of ****ing mice)... Also, managing the massive territory of the Empire by late game is a nightmare, takes too long to travel, and most prosperous fiefs starve to death, until they become not prosperous again.

Also, the only T6 armor pieces that spawn are gloves and boots, nothing else. This is clearly bugged.

UI wise, the elections UI are a nightmare, they should be way more informative visually, but even correcting it would still make it into a pretty annoying feature, it'd be best if we could pick from the whole holster of vassals, not only 3. With the rules, those 3 candidates will cause border-gore more often than not, which is, again, another counter-intuitive behavior (I know, historically border-gore was normal, blabla, but this is a game, Warband always enforced continuous territories, I believe that's likely the intention with BL)

For now, that's it, not much more to say, just that Companions generally suck...Of the holster of wanderers I have on this particular save, only 10 of them are useful, the rest is garbage (and I'm using some garbage due to Roleplaying, because I'm an idiot).

Anyway, are you guys sure you don't want to hire me as a UX consultant? I can help, and I'm currently doing nothing hahaha (can work from home)


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TaleWorlds is always on the lookout for talented and dedicated individuals, in every department. If you feel there is something you could bring to the company then send over an application and we will look it over and get back to you - [email protected]

I must warn you though that we do not work remotely or part-time on the project.