Ok pettition worked. Now please cast ur vote for the future Duel mode when it comes one day. (Even though units within factions are likely to change)

What faction for duel server would u like more ( You can choose 2)

  • Mighty Battania

  • Measly Vlandia

  • Sturgia???

  • Empire

  • Khuzait

  • Aserai

Results are only viewable after voting.

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As the title says. Please
Maybe someone returned it, not knowing that it was purpuseful.
Also i make poll, maybe im wrong. Please vote

edit * Also i think this might have something to do with the fact that yesterday duel server would take 10-30 mins to come back online after it closed. Almost every time.
Then i'd assume someone went to reset stuff and now it's back to Vlandia.

*moar edits.
So 10 min later and it's back to Battania. Very neeeiccc.
I'd still like to see the votes though or if someone has some oppinion. Seems like an interesting topic for now (Cuz we'll get a new duel server soon enough with proper duel mode. And from what i understand it'll have only 2 factions)
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Ok it put all factions
Can't believe that Vlandai is ledaing WOT DE FOX

*edit :" Im blind:

And i agree empire would be very simmilar to shortsword fights. Only at least you'd have money for spawn every time.
I'd say 1. Battania 2. Sturgia 3. Aserai 4. Empire/Khuzait 5. Vlandia (LITERALLY THE WORST(((((

p.s. Don't forget that you can vote 2 factions


didn't read trash

no empire or vlandia, **** s key

it's not faction's fault that there's only one viable strat to duel with these factions, it's the broken trash melee combat that doesn't punish s key at all and doesn't let do you anything other than kick, feint and basic swings, unlike the warband combat that is superior to bannerlord ofc
Well im not here to solve worlds hunger arni ..
And i know better than to make a big post about how to fix game. Short and sweet = better ezpz lemon squeezy
p.s. Where ISS Petur ? Also : Is petur 40 year old now ?


I prefer random factions when the map duration ends.Makes duels unfair and let's you train with different weapons.Playing same wep is not good for your skill in skirmish because you get used to it.


TBH I am surprised noone talks about the best faction - Khuzait, their spear inf has the nicest 1hs in the game and not 0 armour for less random duels.


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We need good 100 gold units with swords. I am by no means duel expert, but would recruit not offer 3 different swords? I don't think another faction can match that width
1 sword= pugio (knife)
1 sword=short sword
1 is ok but still shorter than other factions

I'd rather have 1 better sword and 1 mace/axe or whatever

And most important thing is that the spawn you can afford every round is the one that has best sword.

BUT when we get infinite gold for proper duel mode. Khuzait might just as well be the best one (best sword + medium armor). And they have every kind of unit except shock.


Also @NIN3 @AVRC .Make sure money on duel mode is unlimited so players can train the units they play the most with.Having money system on duel server is something I really dislike right now.



literally's whoever responsible for factions on the duel server
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