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There is a vexing issue with the battering ram in some sieges. The men using the ram will bust open the outer gate and then just walk away without attacking the inner gate. This only happens one quarter of the time, but it is really annoying when it does.

The only way to break down the inner gate is for me, the king of Vlandia, to do the gate breaking myself. I have a thousand men on the battlefield with me and I seem to be the only one who knows how to break down the inner gate. My sword does about 14 damage per swing against a gate, so it takes several minutes to break it down by myself. Tip: Stand to the far left while chopping the gate to minimize the chance of taking a stone to the head.

A king should not have to do his own gate breaking!
I smithed a big-ass axe that I use just for chopping down that inner gate.

The most irritating thing is that they boys bust down the outer gate, then walk off, and then when I start hacking at it, they see that th boss is doing their job and come back and get in the damn way.


Yeah that is really annoying...ecspecially when there are some archers also hitting you from above, and your squad is just watching and maybe giggling and be like " no no, i aint doing that, wasnt part of the contract". I had the luck the be often in siege defences in the last few patches and the funny thing is that the ai never had this bug...the always break the inner gate...wonder if they have another algorithm if the player is not on the attacking side


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I assumed this was a bug related to custom battles or realistic battle ai, happened in vanilla sp?

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We are aware of siege AI issues and working towards fixing them at the moment. Thank you for reporting and your patience. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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