Offscreen invaders can break up snowball factions

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I find this game very compelling with it's mix of epic singles combat like Dynasty Warriors, army management like Total War, and RP aspects like Paradox CK2.

I've been reading through the forum and have seen some really interesting and thoughtful suggestions. I'm optimistic the snowballing and other major issues will be resolved.

A suggestion I haven't seen on here would be randomly generated hordes popping up on map edges occasionally. This is based on a mechanic from CK2 for Mongols.

Every decade or so some large faction should generate and be described as invading Calradia.

This could be used in addition to a plethora of other concepts to better combat snowballing.

Now for a shameless request, there's a fair bit of room on the eastern border. Perhaps we can add an Indian or Chinese culture group? 😁 Even in a DLC if budget would be a problem...

To be fair, if you include steppe and Arab cultures, they did realistically interact with China through history. Additionally, even as far back as Alexander's time, India had contact with the Western world. Just something I'm salivating over honestly is extra cultures and diversity.

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