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Wife cheating on you with half the Northlands? Need to compensate? Sell your busse and buy a krag brand sword! Impress your friends and enemies for only 29,995 peningas.
Scabbard not included.


Sergeant Knight at Arms
Animal cruelty  :twisted:

Yum Yum  :mrgreen:

Leading my party to battle, looking glorious as always

Am I an alien?  :shock:
kraggrim ?️ said:
Tordiato said:
Btw. really nice armor you got, I love it! I'm just trying to find the one with wolf.

Thank you, been playing around with the models and  textures planning and outfit for my next Norse character. Wolf-chain is near impossible to find though, I'll just make it merchandise so he actually has a chance of getting one.  I found this one after 3 years of being at war with all Nose kingdoms while having max looting skill.

Attempt at an Uthred helmet:
omg yes how did you do this it looks nice and i love those books
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