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reiksmarshal said:
They look way better and I apologize for blubbing. I saw the kingdom banners as well :razz: 


If you want I can double check all of them for issues if you want, I did find one where the texture didn't cover the entire shield.

Thanks Lenny I would seriously make a donation to the Lenny fund if you had one.
Nice to hear you like them now :wink:

A Lenny fund?... Nope, nothing like that is existing. But you can worship me as the god-developer in your signatur XD


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My character, Einar Bjornsson have nearly meet Solveig:


I've got this armor from The Snake.


If you're going to mod devices, you should be aware that we split them out in VC to avoid that banner-painted-on-a-shield look from Native. It would have been great to have the banner texture and folds "effect" just overlay the clean shield design, but we didn't get that far. Anyway, the file naming convention is:

ethnic_[12].dds  scene prop banners
ethnic_[12]  clean version for shields
ethnic_[12]  flag versions

If one completely changes the device, one needs to update all three to match...

Kingdom banners follow a similar scheme, but not the convention.


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This has probably been asked before but will there be more content patches for VC or was Reforged the last one?
Guys, remember this is a thread to show your shots and you have a Support subforum for any kind of doubt/complain/report.
In other words, if the complaints/reports aren't there I might forget about them  :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: (kidding, but please try to keep the reports in the support subforum)


Story capture...
Sorry I thought this was where people posted pictures, humorous or otherwise. These are very isolated cases as I have been to every town in Ireland and only 2 of them had this 'problem'.

motomataru said:
Sir Moneybags XII said:
Attack of the clones:
Version? Scene? Savegame?

Ummm these were taken in Irish towns, Caiseal and somewhere else that I can't remember unfortunately. If I'm quite honest I thinks this is just a happy coincidence.


Thanks. I found the scene in my save game, and it is fine. We're collecting evidence on reports of save game corruption...
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