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This is the official Viking Conquest screenshot-thread
- feel free to post your own screenshots, or just browse through
the images of other users!

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Looks great. So, it has been released?  :shock:

Also...why does the char model looks so muscular? Is that a choice you've made in the character creation or are they all like these?


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Good to see the forms 'Mide' and 'Northhymbre' in there, although I find the lack of þ disappointing. :\
Taragoth said:
Am I the only one excited at the idea of modding this ?  :razz:

-G :mrgreen:

Edit: 5 am ( about 5hrs now for me )

I'm too excited about the new features, models, etc. right now to think about modding.  But I am excited about the eventual release of other people's mods.  :razz:  I think this DLC will draw more people in for modding than WFAS since there are new, objective features and gameplay mechanics.

I'm dying to see what "gore" does.
Since there was so little pre-release information on this game, I was really concerned it would look and feel like just a well-modded warband.  But there truly seem to be a lot of work put into this.  The graphics look improved, new features, new settings, new character face models, prostitutes, etc.  With each screenshot and video I get more and more excited.  Really didn't expect that as I was on the fence about buying this until last night.
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