Native Siege Battle Completed [Official] Storming the Enemy - 3x Loot & Exp

Added to Calendar: 11/05/24

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Storming the Enemy​

Come join us next Saturday as we try something new. We will be playing on existing Battle & Siege maps but with a twist. We have added storms, rain and lightning which immerse you into medieval warfare at scale even more with up to 500 players on the same server.

Playing in the event will also grant you three times the Loot & Exp that you would normally get.
  • Date & Time: Saturday, 11th of May, 18:00 UTC
  • Server Name: Storming the Enemy
  • Game Mode: Battle & Siege
We don't expect any activities, no matter how many you launch, it will be in vain! We are only looking forward to version 1.3.0!!! thanks (n)
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