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Colonel. James. - Prince of Wales Own Vols.


LFCJames171 said:
Colonel. James. - Prince of Wales Own Vols.


Till I get the image thingy fixed, here is a link:

Edit: Anyone know how to fix the image not showing?

Click on the pic again, it will send you to a page with nothing but the picture, the link is

use that, et voila

If you are interested I can make a screenshot of the character customizers and list the items needed for the uniforms.

Thank you for the offer but I'll just wait for them to be implemented as companions :smile:
Didn't even have one wife before, now I have two lady husbands  :lol: #thailand
A new batch of the tales of the two characters I play as!


General Jean Maximillien Lamarque. Some of you might know him from Les Miserables, but he was a real General during the Napoleonic Wars.

My Spanish fusiliers (edited Italians) in French service, under captain Rafael de Llanza y Valls
Philippe Comte de Varennes, a french aristocrat who fled the revolutionary France and now fights for the Zar's Army:

General de Varennes, in his function of an Infantry General of the Dnepr Army, in a strategic briefing with General Lanzheron:
Holding a Speech in front of the 12 Infantry Regiment "Comte de Varennes":
Engagement following the previously discussed plan with General Lanzheron:
Always in the first Line:

General de Varennes inspecting an important Fort near the prussian Border. War broke out and the General is responsible for the eastern Front:
Inspecting the cannons. They were in good condition:
Talking to a Soldier stationed in the Fort. Contact with his men is key, says the General:

But there is a person outside of the military life, too, a decent fellow who loves good wine and women. Only a happy General is a good General:
The General is known to drink unreasonable amounts of wine....
..and to be a notorious ladie's man

But to finance all of the alcool, the women and extra goodies and food for his men, he is entrepreneur too, because you don't go far with the salary graspy Alexander is offering. Varennes Velvet has manufactories all over Russia and makes it's owner one of the wealthiest persons in Russia:
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