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Official Screenshots and Video Thread.

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Private James Alexander of the 33rd Foot in drill order:


aaaand in fatigue dress (I think? the fatigue cap looks silly :razz:)


Might I suggest a fatigue coat with blue facings for the regular old infantry get put in before this thing goes gold? :grin:

(Might also want to get a cav fatigue hat with a green facing for my good old 87th Foot *cough cough*)
CPT.Quintus said:
Why does everybody have a Twich channel these days?
I have both YouTube and Twitch. I do both.
Gimokes said:
I would bet because is better than youtube
It is not, but it's a lot easier making content on Twitch. Here's a video I made as well:
Articulo34 said:
CPT.Quintus said:
Why does everybody have a Twich channel these days?
My guess would be less chances of getting your video flagged out of the blue.

Hm... You make a point! I never really thought about it that way before. It's just to me, Twitch looks like a place where everyone tries to be Pewdie Pie or something like that. Which explains my lack of interest fot it.

I made two L'Aigle videos today, this was my first time recording solo so it probably sucks, but it shows some bugs. Hope it helps. :smile:
I served in the Polish army to take back its land from the Austrians, then I was given the honour to carry my own.
As a British lieutenant who rose through the ranks manually, fighting with my foot guard regiment during a rainy night against Milanese invaders.

Marechàl François De Valeris and General Nizar inspecting the troops.
<<...And this is because you called me "a bag of scum"!>>
I've recently read and watched "The duellists", therefore...
May I present to you Lieutenant Gabriel Feraud and Lieutenant Armand D'Hubert!
How to use the "out of formation" bug in the three line formation: just put a companion at the end of your troops and dress him as a seargent...now it feels better.
(I guess)
shaelor said:
Feraud and D'Hubert are very well made indeed!
Thank you :mrgreen: even if they aren't perfect: making Harvey Keitel's face was easy but Keith Carradine one was very hard.
Also the mod, at this moment, lacks some content so I had to use a prussian uniform for D'Hubert and a line infantry officer shako for Feraud(I had to use cheats to obtain it and it's very similar to the one used in the movie: the only differences are a bit of red at the start of the plume and the golden string).

If you are interested I can make a screenshot of the character customizers and list the items needed for the uniforms.

When Scots get angry:



The one above, I had a fight with TWO men not one, it wasn't a problem, anyway.

Below: Anglo-French Co-operation,



Scots can dance:

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