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I'm working on the forum for this mod

You can suscribe on it !
I'm gonna agree with gokiller on this one. Why do we need a seperate forum? It will just create division in the community.
MaccaUK said:
gokiller said:
Why would you need a forum, considering you've just got an entire sub-board?
Why not?
Well the reason people would get a forum is because they have no other place to discuss or have their clan threads. However this is not the case right now. You have a sub-board on a popular and well populated forum.

Eitherway, it's not like I care if you have one or not, it's your decision. Just curious really.
No, what he gokiller means is everything is binded together, and there are no other servers but the official ones as of now. EU, NA, are both official servers. If I made my own server, then I'd get a forum for that.
I do believe that we need a website for admin applications and clans and everything....ElPadrino, please add me on steam HA_King_John if you dont have me already. if so, please message me ASAP.
Forums could be nice,But I think alot of people would just stay in taleworlds forum instead because of not know theres a new forum.
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