EU NA Siege Completed [Official] Calradic War #7 - 3x Loot & Exp

Added to Calendar: 29/06/24

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Come join us this Saturday for the seventh official large-scale Siege event (now collectively called Calradic War) with up to 600 players on the same server. We’ll first be playing on an EU-based server and then switch to an NA-based server, with a total playtime of three hours.

Playing in the event will also grant you three times the Loot & Exp that you would normally get.

  • Date: Saturday, 29th of June
  • Time: EU - 18:30 UTC / NA - 20:00 UTC
  • Server Name: [EVENT] Calradic War #7 - 3x Loot & Exp
  • Game Mode: Siege
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