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Found a bug: when you talk to the guy in the military depot for the republic of the rine i asked him a bunch of guestions and then i got a text in the conversation box from him saying ( warning you should never see this text) and it would not let me exit from the conversation with him and had to shut down my computer to get out of it. Even control alt delete didn't work. Can you look into this? Im using ur new 1.01 patch.
dont kown if this is jsut me but the entire french army seems to be cavalry, literally armies with 250 men all of them are cavalry making it nearly impossible the defeat them.
The Russian kavalergard (I think that's how you spell it) seem to deal very low damage. I was playing my whole campaign with nothing but grenadiers at first, but they kept getting wrecked by cavalry, so I tried the heavy cav and they really can't handle themselves against anything but infantry (and even then, losses are substantial).
My men aren't eating or drinking. I have grains, bread and ale and my men are not eating any of it. (nvm they are now) I think that may be why people are getting the morale issue. Also fussiler de linge still seem to be wearing greatcoats along with scots in summer weather. 
some units are wearing proper uniform, they aren't fus yet.
Did a search but only return one result so apologies if I'm repeating others...

Mameluke sword scabbard model is "upside-down" when worn.

Several swords have no empty scabbard model when drawn.

Invisible cannons while playing as Prussia (actually not invisible, but a small white cloth roll on ground or some such model).  This was before v1.1 patch, have not tested since.

The sound will stop working until I restart my game, it happens it is rare with it happens if I pause the game then come back and unpause.
prambridge said:

This is more of a question than a problem. Can anyone tell me were to find the british recruiter?


You can find him in the capital city. After speaking to him, you can go to the Military Depot headquarters for promotions.
LFCJames171 said:
Is anyone else's game constantly raining?

Yeah although I believe its already been reported. This is the main bug I hope gets fixed because it ruins the beautiful scenery that was created.
Could you possibly stop the raining indoors, it's rather annoying.

Plus, I want snow, and I'm only in June :sad:
Script errors at the beginning of a battle:
Details that might help:
- Version 1.165.
- I had two artillery pieces.
- It happened once.
- Leatest version of the mod.
Naval Battles are bugged  I had 200 men was fighting vs 100 I beat them all but could not leave scene had to press tab causing me to retreat and then on the map i had only 30 men while the AI had their 200.
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