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There are a lots of issues now i will list them down below

1 everytime the game ended everyone in the room will be stuck and can't quit only way is to shut down the game and reopen it this is absolutely annoying plz fix this asap

2 only one map and faction never change.the bo5 is to short for this mode

3 economy problem the ones that join during warm up will get 200golds after the round started and those who join in after the round start will only get 120golds it should be 120 for everyone to start

4 no vote kick system here this mode i experience a few time someone hide in the wood after all his teammate dead and some trolls teamkill for purpose

5 no auto balance system one side can have more players then the other side and the server won't balance it like warband do

6 the server name is battle-cn but the server is not located cn please check it out we need it thanks for your hard work
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Above is indeed the problem with the official battlefield mode. I have one more piont to add:
  • Three games is too little, five or seven is more appropriate

I was surprised to see "CN" in the server name, but it turns out it's still in Singapore. I sincerely hope TW can set up a server in CN area or give us the right to test custom server.

I think battlemode is a great mode, because of the problems mentioned above, most EA players still choose team deathmatch mode. Hopefully TW will fix them soon :grin:
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Is the game working? I updated the game yesterday (sunday) and servers were either down or not working.


1.There is also the CN server, it will crash when it ends. This needs to be repaired as soon as possible.
2.Dinar starts at 120 by default, please don't 200


1. 100% agree, it really needs to go onto the next map with different factions instead of just freezing everyones game at the end and having to alt+F4 and force stop it, just to rejoin to the same factions and map... Please fix ASAP

Another thing, why do you not get refunded gold? Why do you have to buy your class every time? If you start with a 200 cav unit and live to the next round, you then have to downgrade if you didn't get multiple kills? This is weird, you keep your purchased class for the next round and accumulate gold per round.
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