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Cèsar de Quart said:
Blobmania said:
... would you like to elaborate on that?

Hardly, actually. It doesn't look real.

I would suggest you to look at recreationists dressed up with the clothing you want to recreate, and see what is different.

But as for now, I would say:

- They look very "tight". A former comment said it looked like they wore corsé. I think it's a good comment. Try to make the clothing more loose, but always keeping in mind the real models you should be basing on.

- The texture looks dull because it has little variation, almost no fabric texture, no wrinkles...

I mean, take a look at this digital painting:


It looks pretty real. Now, why? What does it have that your texture doesn't?

Also, I agree, you might solve that through normalmapping, but normalmappig works better when the texture has a slight shadow where the actual normalmapping is going to cause the real shadow.

I don't mean to take your morale down, and I think it's a good model, but I won't lie about how I see it: I think it needs improvement, and I wish you find the way to do it.

Take care!

In all honesty, I agree with your comments, especially about the wrinkles and stuff. My main problem is that i've been unable to find a decent wrinkle overlay texture, and I am appalling at creating them myself.

As for the historical reference, I was using one when I textured the model. Unfotunately, I later realised that the source I used was historically innacurate, so my texture is as well. I'll probably retexture and make it more accurate it at some point, but for the moment I want to move on to other models, on the whole. I'll add some wrinkles and stuff tomorrow, see how it looks, though. Cheers.

- Blobski
I've not been on computer at all on the last months,but here is what I made yesterday,nothing impressive,just trying to use ship plans and improve my ship hull building skill along with modeling without using unusuable polys
Very nice! :grin:

Also, I'm wondering if anyone's ever removed the hood-stuff on the haubergeon model? Because I made some retextures for the haubergeon and they look okay except for the hunchback. :lol:

I tried to fix it myself but I screwed up something at the front because I'd selected a vertex there without realizing. :sad:
I don't think it actually meets the corner, but stops somewhere over the mattress. I would be wary about sleeping there, since i tend to sit up quickly.  :lol:

Anyway, the chair and the rug look really sexy. Also, the painting reminds me of a "this looks like a shop" meme images.
Life_Erikson said:
They're very nicely made, but do you have any reference for them?

They're based on a beautiful hood embroidered by an SCA member:
I believe this was her source:
They're very nice, thats no question  :grin: , but I think they would fit better to 1257AD in time.

Your link says it's out of "The Medieval Tailor’s Assistant: Making Common Garments 1200-1500"
And it really looks more mid-/late medieval style.  :wink:
Its true. I just think that the liripipe is so stylish. If the vikingr mod doesn't want them, I'll probably be able to find someone who does. Maybe I'll just release them as an OSP.
Nice hoods, Mandible. Too bad you can't do a switch with helmets like with weapons. Would be great. :razz:
Also, I too am to be considered 'interested.' But I'm not sure if I have anything you'd like in return.
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