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Similar to party roles, the King/Queen should have the ability to appoint lords to Offices or Kingdom level roles. Lords appointed to offices have limited tenure (4 years) and are restricted to certain locations/parties. When a lord is invited to the position of an office, that lord has the option to decline (based on relationship with ruler). Also accepting/declining office will affect relationship.

Mind you, any lord (not just clan leaders) can be appointed to office.

Benefits for the lord in accepting an office
- Large boost to influence
- Money
- Special benefits based on role

Benefits for the sovereign
- Relationship bonus for appointing lord
- Bunch of other benefits specific to office (as described below)

Benefits for other lords
- Bunch of benefits specific to office


1. The Hand of the King/Queen
The Hand of the King/Queen is responsible for the day to day tasks and expectations of the King/Queen. The hand basically runs the Kingdom in the sovereign's stead.

Location: King/Queen's party

Skills that drive this role:
- Charisma
- Steward
- Leadership

Contributions to the sovereign and other lords
- Faster building construction
- Better recruits available
- Damaged buildings repaired soon
- Better items available for trade
- Barter advantage with kings/lords of other factions
- Faster loyalty increase in fiefs

Personal benefits
- Relationship bonus with sovereign
- Small periodic relationship benefits with other lords
- Large daily influence boost

2. Master of coin
The master of coin is responsible for the income and expenses across the Kingdom. A good master of coin keeps costs low and efficiency high.

Location: King/Queen's owned town

Skills that drive this role:
- Charisma
- Trade

Contribution to the sovereign and other lords
- Higher tax income
- Lower wages in workshops
- Faster prosperity rate growth in fiefs

Personal benefits
- Lots of income! (you get a cut of any bonuses you add to all incomes everywhere in kingdom, phew!)

3. The grand maester
The grand maester is responsible for the health and overall well-being of the King's subjects.

Location: King's fief (town or castle)

- Medicine
- Leadership

- Healing rate and survival chance of all soldiers across the Kingdom (same as surgeon)
- Hearth growth rate of fiefs bonus
- Less chance for lords and their families to fall sick (if sickness is implemented in game eventually)

Personal benefits
- Small influence boost daily
- Medium periodic relationship boost with all clans
- A fixed income which is quite decent

4. Spymaster
The spymaster sees and hears everything happening in the Kingdom and beyond.

Location: Any one of the King's towns

- Roguery
- Tactics

- Provides more detailed gossips in dialogue,like:
- Which lord in own kingdom hates whom, courts whom etc
- Army composition of enemy factions, lords, armies and parties (will say "I don't know" if he doesn't know. Chances of this is less with higher roguery skills)
- Location of armies (where they are formed, by whom, location and cohesion)

- Availability of higher tier units to recruit
- Higher chance for sovereign to convince other lords to join kingdom

Personal benefits
- Medium influence boost daily
- Medium daily fixed income

5. Master of War
The master of war is the commander in chief of all armies and is responsible for setting priorities of the armed forces. This would require some additional options in the Kingdom's Army tab.

Location: None. Master of War is free to move about.

- Leadership
- Tactics
- Steward

- The master of war can set upto 6 military "priorities". They are as follows (and can be set in any order)
1. Besiege around settlement
2. Raid around settlement
3. Defend around settlement
4. Rest and recuperate
5. Recruit units
6. Hunt down parties/lords

Also individual armies can be assigned to at most 3 of these tasks. AI Commanders in Chiefs will set these priorities orders based on their personalities.

Personal benefit
- High daily influence boost. Nothing else.

Since there's going to be a lot of waiting around while in office for most roles (instead of being out in the field fighting), there could be quests. Success/Failure of these quests could add bonuses/penalties to relationship with the sovereign and some lords. Some examples of quests.

1. Hand of the King/Queen
- Resolve dispute (be a judge in court, thanks to the elaborately designed lords' halls :wink:)
2. Master of Coin
- Prioritize expense (should I spend more money on this artisan's equipment or should I pay the artisan more?)
3. Grand Maester
- Treat this important person from this complicated ailment (using a persuasion check minigame)
4. Spymaster
- Guess who is telling the truth (some quest where you get two conflicting pieces of information)

So what do you think? Feel free to add your own suggestions


I like the basic idea each faction could have the specific roles and it could be shown in the ui the same way companions are assigned as
scouts / healers / engineers

There could also be a research part to each role costing lots of coin to research improvements in the specific field the same way that town improvements are done but costing lots more perhaps paid for from a flat faction tax so you have to decide on what to prioritise for research
do i research for example better siege engines or go for better catapults.
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