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Hello everyone! I wanted to make an off-topic post about some other games to generate some extra post in the forums while we wait on the next big drop.

Any upcoming games to look forward to? E.G. Star Citizen, The Stomping Land, Elite Dangerous, Bannerlord (of course!)

What about games you play now (Multiplayer or singleplayer)? DayZ, Warband, Certain Warband Mods, Minecraft, ArcheAge, Planet Explorers, ETC.

For me I'm excited about Star Citizen, The Stomping Land, ArcheAge, Bannerlord, and The Grim Age Warband Mod.

I have been playing Planet Explorers and Minecraft quite a bit lately just to fill out the time I do have. (If you're interested in joining me and others in things like MC you can join the server IP ) The US GK siege server is one my main MP server for Warband. I have yet to find too many fun MP warband mods, any suggestions are appreciated.

So what about all of you? Any upcoming games, servers you play, or other games you enjoy?
Well, not many games i can play due to my VERY bad pc, But have some games i expect to be released...To watch other people play. ( Yes, sad. )

Normal Games: Spore 2 ( I will never let the dream die ), Fallout 4 and a better version of Dwarf Fortress.

Updates of mods: Phantasy Calradia ( Obviously ) Prophecy of Pendor ( Will never let the dream die 2 ) and Warsword.
Oh seriously, dreams at the second post. Well the third will be a pure utopia then!

Beyong Good and Evil 2. Michel, I know you'll make it!
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