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During battles, when you click on one of your units, the banner it carries should flash to know which one it is. Most of the time it is very confusing during battle to know which unit you want to move, especially since they have the same number of soldiers as another equal (for example, you have two infantry squads with the same number of soldier)
In addition, the dragon banner should have a high moral impact bonus for your entire party in battles (even more so if you are the king).
In individual duels it would be good to put an option to finish off the opponent when you only hurt him and he falls
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Yes, this please.
Especially in siege defenses I run into the problem that I accidentally move the wrong group, since the groups are automatically assigned and you are spawned right into battle without a deploy phase when you are not leader of the siege(I think is the reason). These automatically assigned groups most of the time are exactly the same size, so I have to guess which group I want to move.
To give a specific example:
I am standing on the left flank on the wall. The approaching enemy siege tower was destroyed, so now I want to move the group on the left flank to the gates. There are three groups of infantry: one on the left flank, one on the right, and one at the gates. These are all the same size, because they were automatically assigned without a deploy phase, since I am not the leader of the defense I guess. There is no indication which group is the correct one, and I end up withdrawing the right flank group from defending against the ladders and the gate group from the gates before selecting the correct one.

Highlighting the selected group's indicator(the one displayed by pressing Alt or when giving orders) would fix this. Additionally displaying the group numbers on the indicators would be helpful as well.
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