OCE Servers all down?

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Are there more technical problems with the OCE servers? I logged on this morning to play duel with fellow clan members and it appears all of the OCE servers are now down.
Can we get an update on this ASAP? I hope it's just technical problems as the full taking down of OCE servers really won't go down well with anyone from the region.
I dunno but at this rate I might actually have to do some uni work instead of screaming at my team mates for not closing the gates. RIP me.
Servers are down... I am the brink of just giving up on bannerlord for a few months.
Yeah only reason i still play is cos there is no other game i feel like investing time into atm and bannerlord can be a good game if only they knew what they were doing.. but obviously they don't, i bet their mp team never got decent at warband looking at what they have done.
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