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just look at this guy

I recently swithced to beta branch, running e1.1 and immideatly i noticed all my troops are fat, and a lot of them are just straight obese. Anyone have the same problem? Havent played a lot on 1.1, do they get normal after a while?


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Only rich people were fat in the olden days. No one else could afford large quantities of fattening foods. No butter for the peasants!



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They got plenty of protection though with an extra foot of material to their vital organs, I don't think they'll be going down from little sticks anytime soon lol

plus i get to park them at the gates in sieges. No ram can move them, no army shall pass.


Having the same problem since the Beta Branch e1.1.0. My soldiers are not obese, but they are fat, I feel bad for my horses.
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