MP Fantasy Oathwatch 1.0 (WFaS CCoop Mod) [WSE]

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Hello all, really proud to release my first mod: Oathwatch! It's a captain coop invasion-style multiplayer overhaul that's taken about a year to bring about. As sort of a spiritual successor to Demons, you'll find plenty of interesting weapons and equipment for a unique experience.

You can download the module here:
Oathwatch 1.0

This mod requires WSE--to install, copy your WFaS game directory and download the WSE WFaS build. Extract WSE into your copied game directory, and you can install Oathwatch into your modules folder like any other mod. The only additional step beyond that is to place this BAT in your game directory. To run Oathwatch, simply run the BAT.

I hope everyone enjoys--I'll try to keep a server running as often as possible. Good hunting!

- Class guide
- Sound overhaul
- Two new classes
- More enemy variety
- More maps

I would like to thank BadIdea and the Demons team for inspiring me to get into modding, Eärendil Ardamírë for their infinite patience, and K700 for creating a WFaS build for WSE. This project wouldn't have been possible without you guys.

This is my first project. I realize now this was terrible practice, but I used a lot of assets from other mods and only at the end went back and tried to clear permissions. I'm extremely grateful to the modders who allowed me to use their work, and to those who didn't I did my best to remove everything from their mods. All of this is to say that as a one person team, I know how much work goes into this. We don't do it for money, we do it because we love the game--the last thing I want to do is make use of someone's work without their express permission. As I said, I did my best but if I missed something, please contact me immediately and we can get it removed as soon as possible.

With that out of the way, huge thank you's go to the creators of the following mods for allowing my use of their assets, or for going OSP:

- Floris
- Prophecy of Pendor
- Warsword Conquest
- Grim Age

Thanks to the following OSP's as well:

- Barf Skeletons
- Raptor's Albion Swords
- Better Skyboxes
- Addonay's Weaponry
- Narf Russian Armor Pack
- Narf Men at Arms
- Narf Transitional Armor Pack
- Narf Plate Armor Pack
- 15th Century Weapons
- Count_of_flanders OSP
- Flintlock Firearms OSP
- Pino's Armors Pack
- Spak Items
- Rathos OSP
- Medieval Armor Sets
- Adorno's Wooden Scene Prop Pack
- Albion Sword Pack
- Brego LoTR Stuff
- Faradon Weaponry
- Mackie's Weapon Pack
- Medieval Helmet Pack
- Pegasus Armory
- Shredzor's OSP Stuffs
- Harry Neolithic Weapons

And thanks also go to freesound, pixabay, and sketchfab for providing free assets:



- Scroll by Kigha
- Horn by Sam
- Potion by berzerkey
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Please contact me if you're interested in hosting a server, I've been having trouble with port forwarding on my home network.
That is really awesome to see a mod being released for a long dead modding environment of WFaS. That would be a shame if your project were in vain because of not being able to host a WSE2-compatible server.
All of this is to say that as a one person team, I know how much work goes into this.
This is the standard of M&B engine modding in 2022, except when you are in a long-standing dev team like DaC or TLD.

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