OASIS CRUSADER EVENT - 22-11-2014 17:00 GMT 18:00 gmt +1

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[glow=red,2,300]General information
Server: Oasis_Crusader_Event
Time: 17:00 GMT (18:00 GMT+1 / This Saturday (22th)
Slots: 200
Event Type: Adventure battle.
Duration: 60-90 minutes. Depending on how long each battle takes.

What is it?

The event is based of the long walk of an exhausted crusader army attempting to reach Jerusalem. They are out of supply, and desperate to find any supplies.
This will be a great battle. Quite classical indeed.


Crusaders  :

They have to :

- Find a Oasis. ( No respawn until they found one )  and shall unlock horse after the oasis part.
- Recover the last crusade camp.
- (Optional ) Attempt to raid the Saracens base.

They will have no mounted united, except the cart horses. 

Saracens  :

- All their members will be mounted. 
- They will have a good gear and bows as well.

Leaders will be chosen at the event by the admins.

If you're a clan leader please if possible sign up. It's not necessary but we would appreciate if you did it!
Please sign up your clan before. Using this format :
What is your clan name?
How many members will attend?
What is your steam name?

If you want to lead the Crusaders:
Fill this application in:

Why do you want to lead?:
What clans could you bring?:
Do you think you can the lead mighty crusaders in battle, and why?:
Hosted by: EU_Oasis
Website: www.pw-oasis.com
TeamSpeak: ts.pw-oasis.com
I've tried doing events like this which require a little more effort. As much as we all would like to see the events turn out the way we plan them, most players don't have the ability to do anything other than a simple large scale battle. It's a sad reality when we talk about the average attention span of the PW player.
Simple Events...

What is your clan name?: House Champagne
How many members will attend?: 35
What is your steam name?: Unlived has me.
What is your clan name? House Targaryen

How many members will attend? 10-50

What is your steam name? [HT] Beethoven
James Stewart said:
Randel said:
What is your clan name? House Targaryen

How many members will attend? 10-50

What is your steam name? [HT] Beethoven

Rather large margin wouldn't you say? Kek.

HT is massive group of plebs united to 1 clan with full of drama, so even I wouldn't get my hopes up for getting atleast 10 players if I was leader.
There  will probably be a event this Saturday 19:00 PM GMT. The events will be weekly at this time in the future. gotta live big red  text  :cool:
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