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The NWRP North and South Campaign

Over the past few weeks, the NWRP N&S Campaign team have been working hard to develop a brand new campaign! This Campaign will be set in the American Civil War with players being able to lead the Union and Confederacy as President and Vice President; they will also be able to choose Generals and Advisors for their faction who serve at the pleasure of the President.

Slots for Officers in the Campaign Battles will be open for everyone, public player or regimental everyone has a fair chance at leading their faction on the battlefield!

So far, we have created the campaign map and are working on creating multiple custom in-game maps. We've drafted the rules and conducted two playtests. Currently, we are working on refining the rules, playtesting, making the campaign map interactive and making new custom maps for the campaign. If you are interested in helping out with playtesting or mapping be sure to contact me!

We are currently at a stage of development where leadership applications can be considered. There are 2 leadership positions able to be applied for per faction with the factions being the United States of America and the Confederate States of America.

The President is the head of state and head of government of his faction. As President, responsibilities include devising and implementing strategies, moving armies on the campaign map and managing the faction as a whole.

The Vice President is the second in command of the faction after the President. The responsibilities of the Vice President include assisting the President and representing the faction in the absence of the President.

Generals and Advisors are not applicable roles. However, they may be appointed by the President to enable access to a private channel in order to discuss moves and strategies.

The Release Date is planned for the 18th of September; 18/09/2021 (or 09/18/2021 for NA)

If you'd like to stay updated join our Discord and Forums:

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