NWRP Map Contest!

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The NWRP admin team has decided to do a map contest and anyone can join!​

If you can make a map; complicated or simple, big or small, we want you! Contact user "WaterPolio" on Steam, give him you map link and the RP it should be used for (Battle RP, Assassination, etc).

There will be rewards for everyone who takes part and exclusive rewards for 1st and 2nd Places, in the forms of a Gift Card and Skins! They MUST be submitted by 16/06/2019, the Winner of the contest will be chosen by a vote in our Discord: discord.nwrp.eu.

You are allowed to submit more than one map! The more maps you make the higher your chances of getting 1st place. However, you cannot win more than 1 place; determined by your highest voted map. E.g. You cannot win 1st and 2nd place.

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