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NW Unofficial EU 1

+ is the good kind of server you have lost track of
+ provides Battle-Experience such as we have missed from the old days of MM/NW
+ offers fun gameplay reworked old maps and much nostalgy
+ is approved by Old Nosey

2020 has made the numbers of players who enjoy Napoleonic Wars rise. In order to satisfy both old and new napoleonic fighters the leadership of the Kaiserliches Heer has revived the old idea of having a proper Battle Server which is organised by trusted players of the NW Community, has atmospheric NW Maps and custom maps of old MM and features battles as they used to be. Charge in and let´s go.

Servername: NW_Unofficial_EU1

Feel free to join this server, recruit some men for your regiments and relive the experience which has made this game so great.
+ Teamkilling and Teamhitting is prohibited
+ Don´t delay or be beaconed
+ Keep the chat nice and refrain from racial slurs or missbehaving.

+ Medium-sized Battle Maps
+ Some reworked Maps from Mount & Musket

Admins are chosen by a free application and have the desire to make the Server more enjoyable. Current Admins are:

ID (can be seen when joining most servers):
Date (when you have been banned):
Cause of Ban:
Map-Rotation and Special Maps
Screenshots (tba)
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The Server will be up and running on Friday 17th at 1000 hours GMT+1.
From the initial start Public Events will take place on this Server aswell in order to boost its popularity. Feel free to join in, form public lines or ambush those formations like the dirty bush pirate you might be.

First Public Event
Friday 17th 1000 hours gmt+1
Friday 17th 1600 hours gmt+1

Look out for the Kaiserliches Heer and shoot their leader, he is worth extra points.