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Ok so my in-game name is IXe[1erPLG]Charles_Du_Ranc and last night the server/admin said not to use slurs and I asked if it was considered a slur to call someone a fag if you are a fag. I got temporarily banned, of course. Well, this is slightly embarrassing...  :oops:

Tonight the admin said the same thing, and I said "Last night I got banned for asking if it is a slur to call someone a fag if you are a fag, but I actually am gay, LOL."

I think the admin thought I was joking. I realize it's a stupid thing to say, especially because lots of people are homophobic and I realize he probably thought I was just making rude remarks against the gay community. I'd like to clear this: I wasn't making fun of gays, because I am one.

Can I please be unbanned from this server? I never actually called anyone a fag, although I realize it was a stupid thing to say to begin with :/
You're looking for this board: http://www.fsegames.eu/forum/index.php?board=25.0
The Head Admins haven't used Taleworlds for two years or more at this stage.
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